Hello Summer

Napa Valley Audi A4

Summer has arrived in Napa Valley. The vines are are budding, the sun is out, and the wine is flowing. I can use any excuse to meander the county roads, especially in the A4.

What a day to enjoy the athletic and luxury of this car. If I had more time (and money), the rear seats would be down and the back would be filled with cases of wine. Though I’d have to stop by the hardware store in downtown St. Helena for extra tie-down straps, because this car loves the corners.

New the area? Fond of curves? I recommend Hwy 128 from Conn Valley Winery in Rutherford to Turtle Rock Bar (famous for their egg rolls) near Lake Berryessa, or head North up Chiles Pope Valley Rd to Pope Valley for some great and wines and wild flowers.

Hwy 128

If you are heading to Santa Rosa from Northern Napa Valley, take Calistoga Rd. There are also some fun twisty’s along Spring Mountain Rd and Dry Creek Grade (aka Trinity Rd), but watch out for some killer potholes along the way.

Calistoga to Santa Rosa

Of course there’s plenty more roads to spend the day carving and exploring around the area. I aim to share my favorites in future posts. Stay tuned!

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